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Please be advised that eyedrop medication and can not be used without prescription . In many countries it is very common when someone complains about being with any health concerns , receive recommendations or indications of drugs by people who are not medical and only indicate a medication that worked for them .

This type attitude , and illegal, is extremely dangerous , because what was advised for one person may not be best for another . Even when not " query " one family , one often self-medicate . It is another risky gesture that generate consequences worse than the disease itself . According to data from the World Health Organization ( WHO ) when it comes to eye health scenario is not much different .

The use of eye drops observes the same recommendation of any medication . Ie do not use without medical advice , because what is good for one may cause problems for the other. It is important to keep in mind that it is also medicine and eye drops , if used improperly , can cause serious health problems .

The use of antibiotic eye drops , for example, has the same risk of self-medication with antibiotics taken orally. When using eye drops for an infection that actually does not, the patient ends up generating a resistance to the antibiotic in use , ie , on the day that this antibiotic is really necessary, it will not work . And , even if with some infection , only an expert can indicate the correct antibiotic for that kind of disease. And needs to be used for the time recommended by the physician , at the risk of making the bacteria resistant to the drug.

As there are several types of eye drops , each suited to a particular type of problem, it is extremely important to consult an ophthalmologist . Only he can correctly identify the best treatment . Use eye drops randomly , whatever , can lead to more serious eye health damage .

To better understand the issue , we will introduce the types of eye drops commonly found in the market . The vasoconstrictor, for example , reduces the redness of the eyes. The continuous and indiscriminate use may not only cause a rebound effect of the problem , it comes back stronger as also Mascara diseases that require specific treatment .

People with low lubricating the eyes and contact lens wearers accustom use lubricant eye drops. These should avoid products with preservatives , as these substances can cause allergic reactions and damage the contact lens. Have the allergy eye drops are indicated for cases of allergic conjunctivitis , itching and mild irritation . They can cause drowsiness .

Anti- inflammatories are indicated in postoperative and viral diseases such as conjunctivitis and keratitis ( corneal inflammation ) . May be hormonal (with corticosteroids ) and nonhormonal . Misuse and long-term drops containing corticosteroids carries the risk of developing cataracts , glaucoma and even corneal perforation .

Used in hospitals or clinics before eye examinations , anesthetic eye drops relieves pain , but if the patient scratching the eye can cause serious injury to the body . Their prolonged and indiscriminate use may lead infection and corneal ulcer .

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